Book Vision

“That book changed my life and my ministry!”  It was an overview of the Bible which I had first given to him ten years ago.  I had seen and heard testimony of many people who had come to a clear understanding of what Christ had done for them through this resource. I knew it would help lay solid foundations for faith wherever it was used, replacing false assumptions with the Biblical narrative. Still this minister did not begin using it until he himself had gone through the material in a study which we led. When he began using it in his own ministry of discipleship, and saw change in the lives of others, he said, “They are eating it up!”

One of my desires over the years has been to start a book campaign to communicate truth to hurting people. You see famous people hopping from one religious idea to another and always missing the true treasure in Christ. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could make a clear Gospel message available to public figures, leaders, hurting people and our neighbors?

The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus by John R Cross is a highly effective book which lays the foundation for the Gospel message; in a manner similar to how God’s word was presented to the Mouk people of the video, Ee-Taow!  Many people have come to a clear understanding of Christ’s sacrifice through this book and other similar resources produced by GoodSeed International. The purpose is to expose people to God’s word in a way that lays open the core message of the Bible.

In 2001, during a home assignment, I taught a Sunday school class using the book The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus by John R Cross. Since then one of the participants has led several more Bible studies; each time leading someone to Christ.

In 2003 I gave the book to one of Diana’s office coworkers who came to church inquiring.  A short time later she gave a clear testimony of faith in Christ. I gave her husband the audio book and he also came to give a clear profession of faith in Christ.

As I have had the resources over the years I have purchased books by the case to give away to pastors, church leaders and unbelievers. If only they could see the importance of giving people a solid foundation for a faith rooted in Christ!

My intent has been to impart vision and purpose to God’s people as well as to communicate a clear Gospel message to people who haven’t yet understood. Here is an easy way to establish patterns of discipleship while giving a firm foundation for a Christ-centered faith in a reproducible manner!

In 2012 I gave a book to a person who read it with his grandson in his truck between job sites. His grandson came to clearly understand the Gospel message. Since then both have impacted many other people as they have passed on the message to others.

That same year I held a Bible study using the Stranger with only a handful of people. One person took it to his early morning Bible study for men and his Sunday School class for Junior High boys. He was especially impressed by the resultant depth of understanding and maturity among the young men, so he taught it again to the next group of young men.

I’m writing this to impart the vision to you so that you may do likewise. The fruit is the eternal life of perishing people!  Our actions just might make the difference in their lives and the lives of many other people whom they will influence.

Our primary objective is to send laborers into the harvest among unreached people groups. Making disciples along the way and equipping others for more effective ministry is part of preparing people to serve. Missionaries are simply ordinary Christ-centered disciples on a mission. Many sacrifice their local personal desires to be sent for the sake of teaching people in places far from home to be disciples of Christ.

Please contact us if you would like to assist us in this ministry.

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We believe we can impact many more people through a team working together than any of us could do alone. I have some other ideas for having a bigger impact that I have been praying about for a long time. Contact me if you want to know more.

Thank you for you partnership with us for Christ! Your support has enabled this ministry in the past. We pray that we may influence many more people for God’s glory as He provides opportunity, resources and vision.